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This is what it's like to be a sex therapist
“Sometimes I will see couples together and sometimes I will see people in individual sessions and they won't bring their partner at all,” said Juliet, from Chepstow , Monmouthshire . “I get to know them in a way … 3. It's all fun and games until …
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Review: Everybody Wants Some!! Is Effortless Fun
It's certainly a product of the male gaze, which is generally pointed in the direction of girls in shorts and tight shirts. In that, it's the sort of teenpic that might have been made in 1980, minus the locker-room peeking and slapstick. But Linklater …
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Men's Body Positivity Is No Joke
According to Aerie, the campaign was all in good fun, and for a good cause as well. The company has been a leader in body positivity and inclusiveness, and this, apparently, was just a fun way to announce their newest pledge: no more retouching of male …
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Survivor – Make Fun, Not War
Even if we disagree with their decisions, even if they cost the players we were rooting for, we enjoy watching people enjoy themselves. There's fun to be found in every player in Kaoh Rong, and while that brought Nick's game to an untimely end, he …
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The Zipless, First-Person Violence of “Hardcore Henry”
Raised from a watery chamber resembling a womb, Henry, a full-grown man, looks out on the world as if for the first time. Viewers see Henry's world through his own eyes (which is how all of “Hardcore Henry” is made), and his prospects seem circumscribed.
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